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How to become a member of LAA ČR

To become a regular member of the LAA you must fill out this application form and pay the membership fee.
Note: you must provide a Czech mailing address in order to be able to use the benefits of the membership.
Send the completed and signed application form along with the receipt of membership fee payment either by regular mail to our address:

LAA ČR, Ke Kablu 289, 102 00 Praha 10- Hostivař
or by e-mail to tinakova@laacr.cz

Membership fees

Persons under 15 years of age – 200 CZK
Persons over 15 years of age – 950 CZK
The membership fee (for new members applying later in the year) decreases during the year as follows:
850 CZK as of April 1st,
650 CZK as of July 1st,
500 CZK as of October 1st.

Paying the membership fee

You can pay the membership fee

In cash at the LAA ČR headquarters,

By a bank transfer:

For payments from within the EUROzone:

(account number for payments in EUR in Slovakia: 2800066859 / 8330)

IBAN  CZ2320100000002800066859

Message for LAA: YOUR NAME

Bank address:
Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1

Account name:
Letecka amaterska asociace CR

For payments from outside the EUROzone:

IBAN CZ19 0800 0000 0002 8532 1309

Message for LAA: YOUR NAME

account name:
Letecka amaterska asociace CR
Bank address:
Česká spořitelna a.s.
Vršovické nám. 67/8
102 00 Praha 10 – Vršovice

Benefits for members over 15 years of age:

Receiving the LAA CR aeronautical chart 1:500 000 (mailed only to Czech address)
Receiving the LAA CR Pilot magazine (mailed only to Czech address)
Free classified ads in the Pilot LAA ČR magazine
Bulk insurance policies negotiated by the LAA ČR are available to each member (see www.laacr.cz).