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LAA recognises 3 types of technical certificates

„ Z ”

a technical certificate (TC) of airworthiness of a-prototype, of an aeroplane built by an individual builder. The documentation of the basic calculation is required; a-building process supervision by the technical inspector and as a minimum the strength test of the wing is mandatory.
Validity of the TC = 1 year

„ P ”

a technical certificate of airworthiness of an aeroplane that was granted a type certificate (certification of the LAA). A-comprehensive range of stress (load) tests is carried out and the aircraft is tested up to ultimate (maximum calculated) loads. The approval procedure is carried out as an opponency. The final decision lies with the Technical commission of the LAA, where 10 top class specialists convene and decide. The technical commission is managed by the Chief Technical Inspector. The complete documentation is archived in the LAA archive. The result of the process is the Type certificate.
Validity of the TC = 2 years

„ A ”

a technical certificate (of airworthiness) of an aeroplane, amateur/home-built according to a-documentation of aeroplane that was granted a-Type certificate. The documentation has to be purchased officially from the Type certificate holder. The technical inspector carries out the supervision during the building process; a-wing stress test to the maximum operational load is always required.
Validity of the TC = 2 years.

Before an aircraft would be allowed to operate, it is also required to: weigh it, establish the allowable centre of gravity positions, be levelled, have the control surface deflection checks done, control system functional check and a-test run of the powerplant carried out. Only then the maiden flight is allowed.

The LAA system of proving the airworthiness is based on technical inspectors. For the three-axis control UL category there are 24 appointed inspectors.

The technical inspectors are appointed and managed by the chief technical inspector, who is an employee of the LAA.

The inspectors are not employees of the LAA and their duty is carried out on the voluntary (activist) basis.
The inspectors are spread regionally accross the Czech Republic.